A Binnies, Galliford Try and MWH Treatment Joint Venture

We are ESD

Our Mission is to deliver Scottish Water’s non-infrastructure capital programme: safely, efficiently, sustainably, collaboratively and successfully for all concerned

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ESD is a Joint Venture involving Galliford Try, MWH Treatment and Binnies, formed to manage, design, and deliver Scottish Water’s Q&SIV Non-Infrastructure Programme. SW’s 2015-21 investment programme will deliver over £3.9 billion of improvements to Scotland’s water and wastewater infrastructure.

ESD is fully integrated and staffed by secondees from all parent companies on a ‘best person for the job’ basis.

ESD was formed early in 2015 from three parent companies who are heavily committed to the water sector, working in Scotland and for Scottish Water. Equally important, the three companies have long standing relationships that have successfully delivered over £2bn of programmes and projects together under various joint venture and alliancing arrangements.

As water sector specialists, with integrated design and build capability, there is a strong cultural and functional fit based on mutual understanding and respect of each other’s strengths. This cultural fit is reinforced by our lack of corporate ego. Despite our individual corporate strengths, we are organisations that naturally look to collaborate to grow and develop. This corporate leaning towards collaboration extends to our clients and supply chain partners. We believe this is the key to our long-standing success in relational based contracting frameworks.

Our parent companies are committing their brands and reputations to the success of the alliance and are confident in doing so by bringing our leadership, passion, energy, and determination to succeed to deliver our programme.

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Business planning for SW’s 2021-2027 investment programme continues, to address capital maintenance, enhancement, and service priorities, developing service plans for water, wastewater, customer experience, and economic development and growth.

Our Roles

  • Programme – Project Management
  • Commercial – Quantity Surveyors, Planners, Buyers
  • Operations/Site Based – Engineers, Site Supervisors/Managers, Agents, Operative, General Foreman
  • Engineering – Design (Electrical/Process/Mech/Civil)
  • SHEQ – Advisors/Managers
  • Business Support – Admin, IT, Finance

To learn more about how you can join our team, search, and apply via our partner websites at MWHT and Galliford Try.

Our Vision

​Is to be Scottish Water’s most valued and trusted alliance partner; valued and trusted by Scottish Water, by its customers and by the people who work for us.

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